In case you haven’t heard, a PG-13 version of Deadpool 2 is being re-released in theaters just in time for the holidays. Titled Once Upon a Deadpool, part of the proceeds are going to charity. For every ticket sold from December 12-24, one dollar will be donated to the F*ck Cancer foundation (which temporarily changed its name to Fudge Cancer in keeping with the whole PG-13ifying theme), so for those of you wondering, Why tf are they re-releasing it? that’s why. Er, well, also money. They want to make money.

The latest promo clip continues with the homage to The Princess Bride, with Deadpool playing the part of Peter Falk and a now very adult Fred Savage back in bed as the grandson. After deeply offending Deadpool, Fred and Wade Wilson ultimately bond over something that, well…few people have ever bonded over, save for a brief period in the kinder, gentler time of the early 2000s. That thing is Nickelback.

Yes, Nickelback. I’d make a joke here, but it writes itself. Leave it to Deadpool to take something that is largely the butt of pop culture jokes and embrace it wholeheartedly and without one shred of irony. Bless Wade’s enthusiastic heart forever unconcerned with being cool. He loves what he loves, whether that be Nickelback, unicorns, Hello Kitty, or Bea Arthur and the Golden Girls, and he’s unafraid to wholly embrace it. That’s why we love our foul-mouthed little chimichanga.

Once Upon a Deadpool is in theaters on Tuesday, December 11. You can buy your tickets here. For more ways that you can get involved with the F*ck Cancer Foundation, head to their website.


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