Carol Danvers is crashing to Earth and into theaters in just a few months on March 8th, and in order to start the hype train (hype spaceship?) rolling down the tracks, Marvel has released another trailer for Captain Marvel to announce the ticket presale launch (which you can be a cool kid and get here).

This special look debuted during the National Championship game between *checks notes* Clemson and Alabama (look, my dudes, I’m a hockey fan; college football isn’t my thing), and it featured a Carol Danvers that comic book fans are familiar with. Namely, sassy, snarky, and with a hint of anger issues.


To this point, Marvel has been playing it safe with the trailers. I mean, sure, there was that time she punched the Skrull masquerading as a sweet old lady in the face in the first trailer, but Disney was quick to explain it away in the second. And that makes sense. This is a character that, outside of comics, isn’t well-known and it’s Marvel’s first female-led movie. Initially playing it safe to appeal to the general audience is the right call.

But longtime comic book readers know that, well…the squeaky-clean image that’s been presented to this point isn’t really Carol Danvers, and at some point, that has to be shown in the promo campaign. In the comics, she’s…okay, she can be a hot mess. There’s no real way around it. And while Marvel will likely steer well clear of her alcoholic story arc (yeah, that was a thing), fans have been hoping that the movie would lean into Carol’s cocky swagger, her sarcasm and the attitude that means she doesn’t always play nicely with others. She may not quite be as misanthropic as the Netflix version of Jessica Jones, but she definitely has had a people problem or two in the past.

Think of her as the anti-Natasha Romanoff. Where Black Widow likes to operate in the shadows, Carol Danvers has a big ol’ ego and isn’t afraid to let anyone and everyone know who she is and that she can and will absolutely kick their ass. While she’s taken up a leadership mantle and chilled out in recent years, there was a time where Carol Danvers was a walking, fighting, trash-talking ball of dysfunction. It would be fun if Marvel embraced that complicated aspect of Carol Danvers, even as she’s saving the world as Captain Marvel.

She for real real gets punchy. Often.

She for real real gets punchy. Often.


Plus, can I just give a shout-out to the choice to use Elastica’s “Connection” in the trailer? As a woman who came of age in the ’90s, I deeply appreciate the reference to grunge and hearing a band whose CD (yes, kids, a CD) I wore out in high school when I was going through my grunge-meets-goth-meets-cheerleader phase. It was a thing. Fingers crossed the rest of the soundtrack for the movie does for ’90s grunge and riot grrrls what the original Guardians of the Galaxy did for ’70s classic rock. I’d happily spend two hours watching Carol Danvers punch an old lady on repeat as long as it came with a bitchin’ soundtrack.

Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8. You can pre-order your tickets here.


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