Meg Ryan, the Once and Future Queen of Rom-Coms, is (clutch the pearls) writing her own romantic comedy. Aaaaand swoon.

Vulture reports that the You’ve Got Mail and When Harry Met Sally star is actively developing a return to the genre that made her, well, Meg Ryan.

“It’s at Working Title Films. I’ll just leave it at that. Getting the green light,” Ryan told The New York Times Magazine. “You feel like you’re jinxing it if you’re talking about it,” she said.

Our favorite person in Sleepless In Seattle (sorry, Hanks) went on to say that she hopes to also direct the mystery project she has in the works. And if anyone knows the ins and outs of pulling off a rom-com, it’s Ryan – who made a crazy amount of hits with another member of the genre’s royalty, Nora Ephron.

Ryan recently made her directorial debut with her 2016 drama, Ithaca, which had a small role for her Seattle and Mail co-star Tom Hanks. Fans can next see her in an upcoming NBC limited series that Ryan describes as a “murder-mystery comedy.”

No word on when Ryan’s return to big-screen romantic comedies will hit theaters. Until then, don’t mind us, we’re just gonna have a long weekend rewatching You’ve Got Mail 17 times umkaybyeeee!


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