The ’00s Final Destination franchise did for commercial airliners what Jaws did for sharks. For years after the first movie came out, it was impossible to fly in a plane without having it in the back of your mind. It taught an entire generation of us that death always wins, and it wins in weird, Rube Goldbergian ways.

But a whole new generation gets to experience the sweet, sweet inevitability of mortality: THR has reported that New Line has plans to reboot the franchise for a new age. New Line has tapped Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan to write the script. The writing duo is no stranger to the world of horror, being best known for having written four of the Saw movies. Currently, they’re working on The Reckoning for Paramount and Sony’s untitled Christmas horror movie, along with the upcoming Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark by CBS Films. Plot details are non-existent at the moment, but it’s certain that Melton and Dunstan will tackle the story in an inventive way.

The original Final Destination movie starred Devon Sawa and Ali Larter. That movie and the four that followed revolved around a relatively simple but terrifying idea: you can’t cheat death. We can assume the reimagining will follow the same conceit. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, as the saying goes. And with the original franchise grossing almost $700 million for New Line on small budgets, it most certainly ain’t broke.

Like Melton and Dunstan, New Line is all-in on horror, one of the few companies consistently betting its chips on the genre. It’s currently behind the hugely successful Conjuring universe, including the Annabelle movies. It: Chapter Two is hitting theaters on September 6th.

No word yet on a release date, but it’s likely New Line will want to zip this along as quickly as possible.


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