One of the greatest things about 2017’s Kong: Skull Island was just how big the monsters were. Sure, director Jordan Vogt-Roberts was open during the promotion tour that it would be the largest King Kong we’d ever seen, but it was still a feast for the eyeballs to see Kong in all his massive glory, along with the rest of the Leviathan-sized animals of the island. It provided plenty of oh, shiii… moments that we hadn’t yet seen in a modern Kong (or Godzilla) movie. Sure, the monsters had all been big, but somehow that sense of enormity never seemed to scale correctly until Skull Island.

Enter the second trailer for Godzilla: King of the Monsters, which makes King Kong and his island brethren look like toddlers in comparison (caveat: the cast of Skull Island did say that Kong wasn’t done growing yet). We got a few glimpses at the kaiju in the first trailer for the Godzilla sequel, but this second trailer hides nothing, putting their mind-boggling size on display. J.J. Abrams’ Cloverfield mystery box, this ain’t. The Titans are skyscraper-sized, city-leveling size, and humans are just tiny ants trying to stay the hell out of their way.

There are plenty of humans in the trailer, with plenty of dialogue, but they’re almost incidental and they know it. Interestingly enough, Charles Dance’s character name is still not listed on the IMDb page. Could the rumor that he’s playing an aged version of Tom Hiddleston’s James Conrad from Skull Island be true? That would be a really interesting way to tie the two movies together without being intertwined too closely.

The trailer also sets up Ghidorah as Godzilla’s arch-nemesis, referring to him as an “alpha” on the level of Godzilla. In the source material, Ghidorah’s full name is King Ghidorah – the title of the movie plays on that idea with Godzilla clearly planning to come at the king. For the sake of all humans, he best not miss. Not to worry, though: Godzilla’s historically had help from his pals Mothra and Rodan, and the trailer leans into this theme of some Titans being here to protect us and some to end us. Which Titans fall into which category remains to be seen, but we can hazard a guess that the aforementioned two will stand with Godzilla in his fight to take down the three-headed dragon. Hopefully, that is. Otherwise, good game, humanity!

Godzilla: King of the Monsters is in theaters on May 31, 2019.  


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