Just when you thought it was safe to put away your kids’ Frozen soundtracks…

The first teaser trailer for Frozen 2 dropped Wednesday, and the internet promptly swooned as a new wave of Frozen fever is expected to take over the masses leading to the Disney sequel’s November release. More epic in scope and seemingly darker in tone than the beloved original film, Frozen 2 reunites Elsa, Anna, Christoph, Olaf, and Sven for a new adventure that takes them far from Arendelle and requires Elsa to ice surf ocean waves during a storm. In short, we are Here. For. It.

To help tide us over until Disney releases more sneak peeks at the sequel, here’s a quick look back and breakdown of some of the interesting numbers and stats that helped turn Frozen into, well, Frozen.
  • $1.27B: Worldwide box office gross (not adjusted for inflation).
  • $400.7M: Domestic box office gross (not adjusted for inflation).
  • $67.4M: Three-day opening weekend over Thanksgiving 2013.
  • $150M: Estimated production budget.
  • 27: The number of countries where Frozen ranks as Disney’s biggest animated movie release ever.
  • 16: The number of weeks the movie spent in the domestic Top 10 box office — the longest streak since 2002 (!).
  • 3: Where Frozen ranks on the list of biggest opening weekends that didn’t land in the top spot.
  • 2: Number of non-consecutive weekends at the box office where Frozen was the number one movie.
  • 2: Number of Oscar-wins (Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song).
  • 1: Rank as the highest-grossing animated movie of all-time
  • 76: Years that some version of The Snow Queen story was in development at Disney before the final movie was released.
  • 17: Number of months the production team had to complete the film after new writer Jennifer Lee was brought on board to reshape the story.
  • 80: Animators that worked on the film.
  • 420,000: Animated hairs on Elsa’s head (versus 27,000 for Rapunzel in Tangled).
  • 2000: Number of unique and individual animated snowflakes.
  • 3.2M: Number of DVDs and Blu-rays sold on its first day of release.
  • 3: Number of weeks the movie stayed atop the home entertainment charts.
  • 10: Number of weeks the soundtrack topped the Billboard 200 chart.
  • 185M-plus: Number of times fans have watched the “Let It Go” music video on YouTube.
  • A gazilion: Number of times your kids have listened to “Let It Go.”
  • Make that a gazillion and one

[Sources: Disney/WDW Daily News, Box Office Mojo]

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