We’ve started a weekly tradition here on Atom Insider: Giving a shout-out to some of our friends around these here internet parts holding it down in the realm of movie journalism and pop culture. Each week, we’ll bring you a hand-picked selection of the most thought-provoking pieces, the funniest takes, and other interesting bits and pieces you might have missed, all gathered for your entertainment.

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Baby’s First Horror Movie: Have a young, aspiring horror writer or filmmaker on your hands? Give them the gift of ParaNorman, which, Matt Donato argues, is the perfect starting point for kids getting into horror. – /Film

Buff(i)ed & Polished: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Cruel Intentions. Southland Tales. Justine Smith argues it’s high time we give Sarah Michelle Gellar the respect as an actress she’s due. – Birth.Movies.Death.

It’s Chrises All the Way Down: In case you’re not aware, the team over at Pajiba has been busy putting together a Best Chris March Madness bracket. Choose wisely. There can be only one. – Pajiba

50 Shades of Grave: Horror has always relied, perhaps more than any genre, on the use of color to tell its stories. Fifteen writers share what horror movies they think did it best. – The Young Folks

Fade Out: Over the past few seasons, Game of Thrones has sidelined Tyrion Lannister. Inkoo Kang explores: Have they done our boy dirty? Or is the show actually better off because of it? – Slate

Cthulhu Fhtagn!: This is fun. The mad wizards behind The Sinking City have made a Chrome extension that replaces political names and terms with words from Lovecraftian mythology. Why read about Trump when you can read about Cthulhu instead? – Dread Central 

Hell Yeah, History: Hellboy is out this weekend and Kieran Fisher dives into the history and pop culture that inspired the already-legendary comic book hero. – Film School Rejects

Bend The Force: This is nutty, but bear with her: Rosie Knight explores how Avatar: The Last Airbender offers a blueprint of a possible path of redemption for Kylo Ren in The Rise of Skywalker. Yes, really. – Nerdist

Bonus Content: Dive back into the many layers of Us with Rebecca Theodore-Vachon’s The Spectrum Lounge podcast:

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