Marvel is (shocking to no one) primed to have another blockbuster hit on their hands.

Captain Marvel hit box office tracking this week and pundits are calling for $100M-plus opening weekend in March, according to Deadline.

Brie Larson’s debut as the titular Marvel Comics hero is set to become only the third origin story movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to open to $100M or more. The only other two titles to pull that off were Black Panther, with a record-setting February opening of $202M in 2018, and 2008’s Iron Man ($102M).

Fans can’t wait to see Carol Danvers (and Goose the Cat, obvi) finally arrive on the big screen, judging by the 109 million people that watched the film’s trailer in the first 24 hours. Expectations are high for Marvel’s latest release, as the movie marks the studio’s first comic book blockbuster with a female lead. Marvel and their parent company, Disney, hope the film has a similar impact on audiences that rival DC’s Wonder Woman had in Summer 2017.

The biggest March opening weekends ever belong to Disney’s Beauty and the Beast remake ($174.7M) and Warner Bros./DC’s Batman v. Superman, which opened with $166M. Will Captain Marvel hit those highs or set a new opening record for the month?

We’ll find out when the movie hits theaters March 8th.

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