Captain Marvel, Marvel Studio’s first comic book movie led by a female superhero (finally!), is almost here. Despite a contingent of internet trolls trying to tank Carol Danvers’ Rotten Tomatoes score – even though they haven’t seen the movie – that won’t stop those who have actually screened the film from singing its praises. The verdict? Marvel has (shocker) another hit on their hands.

The March release, starring Brie Larson, held its first press screenings Tuesday night and those in attendance all seem to agree that Larson’s Carol is *chef’s kiss* and Goose the Cat deserves her own franchise. Here’s what Film Twitter is saying about the hero who will lead Marvel into Phase Four.

Uproxx’s Mike Ryan did not mince words about Marvel’s newest “cosmic” outing:

Mashable’s Deputy Entertainment Editor Angie Han may have summed it up the best:

IndieWire Editor Kate Erbland praised the film’s “weird” take on an origin story:

Erik Davis, Managing Editor of Fandango, was also a big fan of the ’90s-set film:

And ET’s Ash Crossan also dug the ’90s setting, along with Carol:

Fans of the Captain Marvel comics will not be disappointed, according to’s Brandon Davis:

DenofGeek’s Kayti Burt and IGN‘s Jacki Jing are also firmly on Team Carol and Goose:

The ’90s nostalgia and Ben Mendelsohn and Samuel L. Jackson’s performances really won over IGN’s Jim Vejvoda:

Finally, Collider’s Perri Nemiroff notes that the future of the MCU is in good hands:

And finally, Atom Insider’s own Alisha Grauso and Yolanda Machado had their own thoughts:


You can see how awesome the movie is for yourself when Captain Marvel hits theaters March 8. Get your tickets now.


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