Each week on Atom Insider, we break down the box office numbers for all of the biggest films opening in theaters. With only one new movie hitting theaters this week, the pattern at the box office continued to hold from the holidays, with DC’s King of the Seven Seas continuing to hold down the top spot. 

This Weekend’s Top Earner: Aquaman

The latest DC Extended Universe film, Aquaman, is still making waves across all seven seas. The film added another $30.7 million to its domestic box office, which now stands at a staggering $259.7 million. Internationally, Aquaman hit quite the sweet spot, especially in China. Its global take is now $940.7 million, well surpassing previous DCEU films like Wonder Woman ($821.8 million) and Justice League ($657.9 million). This makes Aquaman the highest-grossing DC film since The Dark Knight Rises in 2012, which it will almost certainly eclipse over the next few weeks.

Second Place: Escape Room

January is known for early genre movies scratching that post-holiday horror itch, and Escape Room was no exception. The thriller debuted to a solid $18 million domestically, already doubling its reported budget of $9 million. The film will also release in 16 other countries over the next two months, solidifying its chances for a sequel or two.

And Third: Mary Poppins Returns

Disney’s live-action musical didn’t perform as well this week in the U.S, but it’s still singing strong in the U.K. and elsewhere overseas with a global cume of $257.7 million. When adjusted for inflation, Mary Poppins Returns won’t quite measure up to the original 1964 classic, but domestically it’s about in line with last year’s The Greatest Showman, proving audiences are still hungry for more show tunes from beloved actors.

Rounding Out The Rest Of The Box Office

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse brought in another $13 million for a total of $133.8 million domestically, but its real success story is happening in China, similar to Aquaman. The web-slinging hero made $59 million over the weekend in China, making it the best-performing animated film of 2018 in that country. Its global total is now $275.3 million, thanks in large part to fans and critics alike embracing the colorful world of Spider-Man & co.

Bumblebee wasn’t too far off from Into the Spider-Verse this week. It made $12.7 million in the U.S. and $59 million in China. So it’s doing slightly better than Into the Spider-Verse overall with $289.1 million, but domestically it’s falling a bit behind at $97.1 million, despite arguably being the best Transformers movie yet.

More recent releases like Vice, Holmes and Watson, Second Act, and On the Basis of Sex surprisingly fell short of last month’s The Mule, which was #6 for the domestic box office this weekend. On the Basis of Sex, in particular, was #22, but that’s not surprising considering its limited release in theaters. At this point, the only November film still holding on to the Top 10 is Ralph Breaks the Internet, which has now made $405 million for Disney.

Elsewhere, Welcome to Marwen fell 70% this weekend, making it a relative misfire for Universal. The Robert Zemeckis film has only grossed $11.1 million off of a reported $50 million budget. Their Mortal Engines is also facing the same dive with an 80% drop. With a reported budget of $150 million and only $69.2 million global box office, this big budget sci-fi adaptation is definitely one of the year’s biggest misses.

Check back with Atom Insider later this week as we preview all the new releases hitting theaters this Friday!


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