Each week on Atom Insider, we break down the box office numbers for all of the biggest films opening in theaters. This week, only one wide release came our way, and it wasn’t enough to overthrow last weekend’s Top 2, which continue to hold steady. It was also a slower weekend at the box office, thanks in part there only being one new wide release and large portions of the country being in the grip of a polar vortex and the West Coast being hammered by rain and flooding.

This Week’s Top Earner (For The Third Week In A Row) – ‘Glass’


Universal’s Glass is on top once again, but this may be its final week at #1 with The Lego Movie 2 and Cold Pursuit kicking off February in earnest later this week. Regardless, the film made just $9.5 million this weekend, which is a 49% drop. Interestingly, that’s not as bad a drop as last week, which shows audiences didn’t really consider other alternatives when heading to the theater this weekend.

In just its third week, Glass has made an impressive $88.6 million domestically for a worldwide total of $198.9 million. Depending on how the rest of the month’s box office fares, it’s looking more likely than ever that the film will catch up to its predecessor Split, or maybe even surpass it.

Second Place (For The Second Week In A Row) – ‘The Upside’


Despite some new competition, The Upside held tight to its #2 spot, likely because STX once again expanded its theatrical release to 191 more theaters. Still, it dropped 25% (more than last week) and continues to underperform overseas. With $8.8 million brought in domestically, it’s now at a comfortable $81.6 million worldwide in its fourth week.

And Third – ‘Miss Bala’


It’s not exactly a triumphant entry for the new Sony film, with just $6.7 million domestically. But Miss Bala has a reported budget of $15 million, so it doesn’t have as steep a hill to climb as some of the other winter releases of late. And to the film’s credit, it surpassed Sony’s low expectations of just $5 million for the weekend (it later upped its projection to $6.1 million), so, all in all, we can be cautiously optimistic about it.

Reviews haven’t been kind to Miss Bala, but it may rebound fairly well from its international release, which will stretch through March. With bigger films coming around in the next few weeks, Miss Bala may struggle to hang on to the Top 10, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Rounding Out The Rest Of The Box Office

More good news for Aquaman, which only dropped one spot to #4 in its seventh week with $4.7 million, despite losing over 200 theaters. At $1.1 billion worldwide and amidst the news that Ben Affleck is out as Batman, Warner Bros. is likely feeling a strong new wind for a cinematic universe that seemed in peril after 2017’s Justice League.

For the second week in a row, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse stuck to #5 with $4.4 million, despite losing theaters and dropping a bit more this week. At $347.2 million worldwide and $175.2 million domestic, it’s now Sony’s most successful animated film in North America.

Green Book also hung on to the same spot as last week with #6, bringing in $4.3 million thanks to an expansion of another 200 theaters. The Universal film is now in its 12th week with a global total of $81.3 million.

We finally get to Fox’s The Kid Who Would Be King, which dropped three spots to #7 in just its second week. It brought in only $4.2 million domestically and its worldwide total is just $16.7 million, far below its reported budget of $59 million. It will almost certainly be a flop unless it miraculously overperforms internationally in the next month.

A Dog’s Way Home dropped another spot and is now at #8, making just $3.5 million. It’s now at $50.9 million worldwide and steadily declining. It’s doing fine thanks to a low reported budget of $18 million, but this is a far cry from its predecessor A Dog’s Purpose, which finished its run at $205 million. It should be mentioned, of course, that Universal distributed A Dog’s Purpose and Sony handled this new film.

Escape Room held on to #9, thanks mostly to Serenity falling all the way down to #14. Now in its fifth week, Sony’s early January surprise hit is nearing $100 million worldwide off of a reported $9 million budget.

But this week’s biggest surprise has to be They Shall Not Grow Old, which debuted at #10 with $2.4 million despite being in only 735 theaters. Warner Bros. can and should expand Peter Jackson’s WWI documentary to more theaters in the coming weeks, as it’s already brought in $10.7 million domestically from this initial release and prior Fathom events.

Two films dropped off the Top 10 this week. First, Aviron’s Serenity, which is now at #14 in its second week with $7.5 million total. Not great. And second, Mary Poppins Returns, which dropped to #11 and is starting to wrap up its impressive 7-week run. Its global total is now $328.7 million.

Check back with Atom Insider later this week as we preview all the new releases hitting theaters this Friday.


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