Jason Blum, the producer behind the Oscar-winning Get Out and the 2018 Halloween rebootquel, is in the early stages of hopefully bringing two more iconic horror movie franchises back to the big screen: Scream and Hellraiser.

“Yes, we definitely have [discussed it],” Blum told CinemaBlend in a recent interview. “We’re looking — there’s nothing happening with either one of those things — but we’re definitely looking at it, and it’s definitely something I’d be open to.”

To be clear: Ghostface and Pinhead are nowhere near the vicinity of a greenlight yet; it’s just kind of a big deal – even at this stage – to consider the possibilities of their return under the banner of Blumhouse’s production model. The company has done for horror what Marvel Studios has done for comic book movies. They turn low-budget productions into box office hits, including record-breaking Halloween, the Insidious series, and, most recently, Glass.

The Scream franchise last hit the big screen in 2011 with the underrated Scream 4Hellraiser has been around since the ’80s, with the first film directed by horror legend Clive Barker and based on his own novella.

Blum and his company are currently trying to retool Universal Studio’s Monsterverse, which stalled out with 2017’s The Mummy starring Tom Cruise. The first film on their docket for that is The Invisible Man, from Upgrade writer-director Leigh Whannell. So horror fans will likely have to wait sometime before anything comes to fruition regarding any big screen reboots of Scream and Hellraiser. But when it does? Expect audiences to drop a lot of “take all my money” GIFs.


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