The first official trailer for Spider-Man: Far from Home dropped earlier this morning, and it was full of Easter Eggs and nods to the comics. As is the case any time Marvel does, er, anything, fans had a lot to say about it on the internet. Twitter really brought its A-game today, whether through hilarious jokes or thoughtful observations.

(Warning: There’s some colorful language ahead)

Aunt May Needs Her Own Storyline

Aunt May’s MCU glow-up has low-key been one of the best things to come out of the MCU in recent years. Fans are here for her and her sassy attitude and support.

(Yes, I totally used my own tweet. And yes, I misspelled “woman.” Whatev.)

When it was first revealed that Aunt May would be played by Marisa Tomei, fans were confused at best. But her amazing transformation into a quirky character who clearly has had an entire, full life before taking care of Peter has made her one of the most interesting support characters in the MCU.

Nick Fury Dropped The Hammer – As Usual

In the words of Steve Rogers, Fury, you son of a bitch! The wily former Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. made one of his surprise appearances in Peter’s hostel and fans were living for him doing what he does. Namely, having zero time for any sort of foolishness while there is work to be done.

All I know is that when Nick Fury shows up in your apartment unexpectedly, it’s about to go down.

The Internet Approves Of Jake Gyllenhaal As Mysterio

The internet can be fairly unforgiving of first costume reveals, especially when that costume has traditionally been one of the weirder or more corny ones in comics. But Marvel has a history of taking costumes that would look awfully silly if translated exactly (think Vulture and Doctor Strange) and updated them for a modern, live-action format. With Mysterio, however, Marvel went full fishbowl and, far from ripping it apart, the internet embraced it. All hail Mysterio, our new king…or daddy, your call.

It’s nice to see Marvel will continue cornering the market on “problematically hot villains.” Good job, team.

People Are Desperate To Ignore What’s Bound To Happen In ‘Endgame’

It isn’t all fun and games, however. Remember, Far from Home takes place after the events of Avengers: Endgame, and it’s likely a few of our beloved characters won’t make it out alive. The world of the Spidey sequel is one in which a handful of the superheroes Peter fought alongside are now retired or dead. Brutal.

As much as I love Tony Stark, someone needs to go in Endgame, and let’s be honest: Tony Stark’s entire storyline has been leading up to him sacrificing himself for the rest of the Avengers, for the world. He might be the biggest snarky a-hole in the MCU, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t absolutely lay down his life to save others. It’s what he’s been prepping for since the first Avengers movie. Sorry, Iron Man fans, but it looks like Tony is a goner.

But no matter who lives and who doesn’t, one thing is certain…


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