Raise your hand if you, like me, woke up at 5am for the first full-length trailer drop for Avengers: Endgame. Marvel has been tantalizing us in bits and pieces, first with a teaser trailer, then with a 30-second TV spot at the Super Bowl that still gave us chills despite its brevity. Honestly, at this point, Marvel could show us a trailer with nothing but Rocket Racoon playing a bongo drum for a full minute and we’d be in.

But with the end near, the first full trailer was released. While there’s not a whole lot to dissect here in terms of crucial plot points – Marvel has been giving almost nothing away in this marketing campaign so as not to spoil anything – there are still a few fascinating moments and Easter Eggs. Let’s break it down, shall we?

Black Widow Is Back To Her Trademark Red Hair…Sort Of

Okay, so this may not be the biggest thing, but Natasha Romanoff is back to her fiery red hair after sporting her (arguably poorly-received) platinum blonde for the duration of Infinity War. This happens at some point in the movie, too, as there’s a shot later in the trailer that shows her with her blonde hair. But there are also shots of her, like the one above, sporting what appears to be a white streak. We know time travel will likely be involved. Time jumps? Old and young versions of the characters? Natasha is just “working through some things” and changed up her hair? Who’s to say?

Is That The Future Kate Bishop?!

Endgame is the end of everything. Marvel has said for a while that this movie would be the culmination of the first three phases of the MCU and that torches would be passed. We can expect that there will be quite a few new Avengers and legacy characters who pick up the fight for good heading into Phase 4, and the MCU is primed for a youth movement. We already have Peter Parker and Shuri, and even Cassie Lang, but there are other beloved young characters in the comics just waiting to make the jump to live-action. One of those is Clint Barton protégé Kate Bishop, a.k.a. the current Hawkeye. In the trailer, we spot Clint training a young girl how to use a bow and arrow in what appears to be a flashback scene. We can hazard a guess this is his daughter and, judging from the fact he’s flying solo and seems to be carrying a weight on his shoulders, that she’s possibly dusted. But this is the MCU. Anything is possible. Is this Marvel teasing their MCU version of Kate Bishop? We can only hope. Give us a Young Avengers series on Disney+, you cowards!

Speaking of Clint…

Hawkeye Is Now In Full Ronin Mode

We already got a glimpse of this in the first teaser trailer, but it appears that Endgame will follow the comics to some extent: In the comics, Hawkeye is disillusioned after the events of the Civil War arc and becomes Ronin – so-named for the lone, wandering samurai with no masters – only later rejoining the Avengers in the aftermath of the war between the heroes. Looks like he’ll be doing the same thing here, wandering the Earth as a solitary vigilante for a while (possibly after his family is dusted?) until Black Widow finds him again – fittingly in what looks like Japan.

And He And Nat Are Gonna Be Just Fine

The deep and abiding friendship between Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton is one of the longest-established in the MCU. (“You and I remember Budapest very differently.”) Things got dicey for a while there with them being on opposite sides in Civil War and Hawkeye being a no-show for Infinity War. But genuine love and respect still exist between them. Sometimes, all you need to do is take your friend’s hand to let them know you’re still there for them and all is forgiven.

A Tribute To Peggy Carter

If Bucky Barnes is Steve Rogers’ touchstone, then Peggy Carter is his moral compass. All throughout Captain America’s story in the MCU, it’s Peggy Carter who has been the voice in his head, guiding him through boot camp and WWII and continuing to inspire him even after her death, never more than in Captain America: Civil War. It’s fitting that Marvel included this nod to its grand dame and the co-founder of S.H.I.E.L.D. by including a Peggy Carter voiceover in Steve’s trailer montage.

Scott Lang’s Return From The Quantum Realm Is A Rude Awakening

Somehow, our plucky Ant-Man gets himself out of the Quantum Realm. How, we don’t yet know. But his return to our realm is a rude awakening. The trailer shows a shot of Scott looking at a bunch of missing posters plastered on a telephone pole. Who is he seeing? His family? Himself? Looks like this might be the thing that catalyzes him to turn up on the doorstep of the Avengers compound ready to help.

Ant-Man On A Pencil

Speaking of Scott Lang, at one point he launches himself off the end of a pencil in tiny mode while things appear to explode around him. No clue what’s happening here but it’s a really cool shot, nonetheless, and shows our boy Scott will get into the action.

But Scott’s not the only one who makes it back in one piece…

Tony Stark And Nebula Are Back On Earth…Somehow

We know Tony and Nebula were trapped on Thanos’ planet when everyone was dusted, then lost and drifting in space. But in the last few shots of the trailer, we see they’re back on Earth and with the Avengers – but how is the big question. We can hazard a guess it might have something to do with a little someone called Captain Marvel…

Carol Danvers Meets Thor – And Is Hilariously Unimpressed

In what appears to be fairly early on in the movie (this is the aforementioned shot where Nat still has her platinum hair), Carol meets the remaining Avengers for the first time. Most importantly, she meets Thor, who tries to intimidate her by calling for Stormbreaker. Anyway, our girl doesn’t even blink as the ax flies past her head close enough to ruffle her hair. They size each other up for a moment and, unsurprisingly, Thor decides she’s cool with him: “I like this one,” he declares.

But let’s go back to that shot above of Tony and Nebula joining up with the Avengers again.

Looks Like They’re Headed To The Quantum Realm

We’ve known for a while that whatever saves the Avengers, it would likely involve a trip to another dimension or realm – namely, the Quantum Realm. A few months back leaked concept art supposedly showing the Quantum Realm suit design circulated around the internet, but it was never confirmed whether or not it was real. Looks like it was, because the Avengers are sporting a sleeker, more updated version of the Quantum Realm suits Hank Pym built in Ant-Man and the Wasp. Tony being back on Earth explains the upgrade – even if someone will have a hell of a time explaining to Hank Pym that a dirty Stark got his hands on his tech and tinkered with it.

One last thing: Anyone else notice how much the Quantum Realm suits in the MCU resemble the Guardians of the Galaxy’s suits in the comics in terms of color scheme and design?


It’s a small thing, but it just goes to show how much work Marvel puts into every tiny detail of its planning and design to keep continuity throughout the MCU.

All the above being said, take this article with a grain of salt. Marvel is the master studio at the bait-and-switch technique marketing campaigns, and it has fooled us in major ways before. With Endgame being the culmination of a decade of work and almost two dozen movies, you can be that anything we’re seeing in the trailers isn’t even close to what the actual story will be. And that’s part of the fun, no?

Avengers: Endgame hits theaters April 26th. Tickets haven’t yet gone on sale, but you’ll be able to snag yours right here on Atom when they do.


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