Every year, YouTuber Sleepy Skunk drops an epic, year-end movie trailer mashup. Fans who have been following for a while look forward to it every December for the excellent song selections and fantastic editing. It’s a fantastic labor of love that annually reminds us of the power of movies, and why the stories they tell move us so much. From Netflix movies to big studio tentpoles, Sleepy Skunk manages to get every single trailer in one video.

Check it out below and see how many movies you can name:

How many did you spot? Even better, how many of the movies did you watch this year?

For the full list of movies in order of their appearance, you can click here. If you’re wondering about the songs used in the mashup, they’re “World In My Eyes (Cicada Mix)” by Depeche Mode, “Aline” by Christophe and “Ekki múkk” by Sigur Rós. I don’t know about you, but I’ll be adding all of those to my Spotify playlist immediately.

(Header image: Walt Disney Studios)


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